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ZWCAD Products-CAD Programs That Has Been Used for Over 6 Years

Marcin Sikora, a licensed  structural engineer since 2003, has more than 17 years of CAD experiences.  With job involving around calculations and drawings, he has extensive  experience in the building industry. Marcin has been the user of ZWCAD for more than 6 years and today he wants to share with us his story with ZWCAD and why the loyalty to ZWCAD has carried so long.   Marcin was once an AutoCAD user and started from AUTOCADR13 (Windows 3.11) to AUTOCAD 2006. In the year of 2008, Marcin started his own business as a building constructor, like every newly-started business, the tight budget drove him switch to other affordable CAD programs. Because switching to another CAD alternative

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ZWCAD Touch Rebranded as CAD Pockets with New Breakthroughs

ZWCAD Design, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions for the MCAD and AEC industries, today officially announced the second generation of its mobile solution product and gave it a brand new name CAD Pockets to intuitively deliver its value. The new CAD Pockets made major breakthroughs in input and output, confidentiality, and most importantly drawing and editing functionality. Currently the new features are only available for iOS devices, while the Android version will come soon. Omni-functional Mobile CAD Solution “Mobile CAD has long been used as a viewer instead of an effective design program, due to the insufficient features,” said Daniel Huang, Product Manager of ZWCAD, “With

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